Monthly Archives: March 2013

Fuzzy Bunnies, Chocolate Peeps & Happy Spring (a miniblog)

The first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox is almost upon us. From Passover, to Easter, to Holi – this time is celebrated as the moment when the energies of Spring really start making themselves felt (with a sympathetic nod to those still shaking their fists at a blanket of snow and cursing that poor little […]

The Respirator For Which We Stand

The Supreme Court of the United States will be turning its attention to two important civil rights cases this week, both of them regarding the right individuals to marry who they wish. Rights. Civil ones. Let’s use the metaphor of air, because of air’s inalienability factor. When everyone gets to right to breathe – or […]

Your Own Personal New Year (miniblog)

 In days of yore the calendar New Year started around the Vernal Equinox. Celebrations were held, gifts were exchanged and people started their year with a Spring in their step, as it were. Then the calendar changed and the New Year got crammed up against Twelfth Night. Starting up around the Equinox has always seemed sensible to […]

Dance! Dammit (a miniblog)

  On my Travels With Thalassa page on Facebook, I do daily miniblogs. I like this one so much I decided it needs to be posted here too. This miniblog is brought to you by the letter I for Isadora Duncan, whose picture inspired the adorable child in this picture. Remember that meme about dance […]

I’ll Wave When I Get to the Bridge

I’m sure we’re all a little tired of white smoke and Latin right now, but bear with me for a few ruminations on things Popish that transcend  a bunch of old men in long black dresses getting together in a prettily painted clubhouse and selecting a new chief. The fellow who gets to wear the […]

Backpacking the Undiscovered Country

Once I had informed the Guardian Council of the Ruined Castles Of My Mind (RCOMM, also known as the voices in my rice krispies that advise my better angels) that I would commence the primrose Path of Bloggery, the ideas tumbled out of the interior woodwork. I can no longer take a shower or play […]