Who The Heck is Thalassa?

Thalassa is the producer of the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium (the oldest established, permanent floating Tarot Symposium in the world), founder of the Daughters of Divination (DOD), and founder/CEO of Beating the Boundaries Life Strategies and Transformative Arts. She has been living, working and playing with the Tarot for nearly 45 years (she was an infant prodigy).

She is also active in the production of Pagan and Divination events across the country, and her writing has been featured in a wide range of publications, including the Llewellyn Tarot Reader almanacs since their inception.

In a long, meandering and wildly misspent life, Thalassa has been involved in standup comedy, improvisational theatre, dance performance, choreography, and stage management. She currently teaches improvisation and physical characterisation to performers at Renaissance and Victorian festivals, and performs and directs at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. She is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and is training in Rosen Movement.

Her other interests include reading for long stretches of time while becoming part of the parlour furniture, dance, historical recreation, and plotting global domination.  Thalassa lives in San Francisco with her long-suffering husband,a sword collection, too many books, a battalion of cuddly plush critters (many of whom have gained sentience)and more Tarot cards than is safe to assemble in one place.  She is working on a book (about Tarot, of all things) but the thrice-damned Muse of Writing seems to have our intrepid heroine in her sites, so there may be other sorts of scribblings in the offing.

Divinatory doings may currently be followed on www.dodivination.com

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