Monthly Archives: February 2013

Why the Treehouse of Male Privilege Needs an Infusion of Girl Cooties

I manage to miss the Oscars every year. The fact that I can go years without seeing a first run film in an actual meat-space theatre is part of it, but more often I just get lost in the temporal miasma  ™ and miss the show. Par example, this year the darling spouse and I […]

Stormtrooper for Civilisation

Modern communication is comprised of hasty emails, Facebook posts, tweets, &c  – brief (mostly) and passing almost as swiftly as thought (and often as poorly edited).  Even voicemail is frowned upon these days (or so the Intertubes tell me – gods forbid one actually wants to speak when one can tweet is the reasoning, I […]

Welcome to Outer Blogaria

Emboldened by the gods-only-know what perverse impulse, the Thalassaraptor is dabbling her scaly toes into the bloggery pool yet again. One would think after “The Incident” (best to start with dark allusions, eh?) she would have learned her lesson, but apparently not. Like a heroine of a novel (and overusing the Imperial “we”) we will […]