Your Own Personal New Year (miniblog)

 In days of yore the calendar New Year started around the Vernal Equinox. Celebrations were held, gifts were exchanged and people started their year with a Spring in their step, as it were. Then the calendar changed and the New Year got crammed up against Twelfth Night.
Starting up around the Equinox has always seemed sensible to me, in part because it seems more auspicious to start afresh when Nature is endeavouring do so as well. It also seems like a wonderfully powerful time – straddled equally between Dark and Light –  to embark on projects and the business of improving one’s life. Lastly, it also allows one to enjoy the Solstitial hoopdedoo without having to immediately start the flurry of the new year immediately afterward (in the dead and dark of winter, no less, when most sensible things want to hibernate after their celebrations).
This year I decided that I would start my personal year on the Equinox. I have been evaluating, preparing and making plans,so that starting now I will commence projects and turn my energies to what wants doing in both the internal and external realms.Perhaps it sounds like a good idea to you too. Failed at your “New Year’s Resolutions”? Feel like you need to press the “restart” button? Think that Spring is a better kickoff time? No problem!

Join me in celebrating your own personal New Year right around now!

And a bright and blessed Equinox to you! May we embrace the balance of the dark and the light and move from that powerful equidistance

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