Dance! Dammit (a miniblog)



On my Travels With Thalassa page on Facebook, I do daily miniblogs. I like this one so much I decided it needs to be posted here too. This miniblog is brought to you by the letter I for Isadora Duncan, whose picture inspired the adorable child in this picture.

Remember that meme about dance like no one is watching? Do it. We were all born to do it. Move – a shudder, a shimmy, a shake. Talk to yourself without speaking a word – body and soul, tip to toes. Life should be a dance, as often as we can make it one.

Even if no one is watching.
Even if no one can see.

We are not made to merely breathe and walk, we are made to dance, whether our stuffy modern minds think we can or not. We’ve been doing it for millennia.

What each of us has in common with the stars that spin overhead and the birds that flutter in trees, not to mention the flowers swaying in the breeze, is that – at a moment’s, we can dance.

You can mambo from the inside out with barely any effort. Go ahead, try it…

Just a step, then another…

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