Fuzzy Bunnies, Chocolate Peeps & Happy Spring (a miniblog)

The first Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox is almost upon us. From Passover, to Easter, to Holi – this time is celebrated as the moment when the energies of Spring really start making themselves felt (with a sympathetic nod to those still shaking their fists at a blanket of snow and cursing that poor little groundhog). 

There is a promise in the lengthening of the light, the promise of budding flowers, the delight of small furry critters being born. The urge for colour and growth is palpable. For those of us of a more urban persuasion, tulips are in the flower shops and  peeps are on supermarket shelves – Spring is busting out all over.

And so with a giddy toss of flower petals and chocolate bunnies, I wish you all an obscenely gorgeous amount of Spring in your step!

The Glorious picture is “Spring Scattering Stars” by Blashfield

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  1. Thank you! And to you as well.

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